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Asian anal fucked while standing


There are such days when, out of boredom, he was watching the bedroom window of an unknown girl. The whole room was well looked through, especially the bed. Very often her mistress went in a transparent peignoir, naked or had sex.

That evening he was incredibly lucky. She was not only naked, but also not alone. Her partner was a small man of Asian descent. And after some short kisses, preludes, caresses, cunnilingus and blowjob, he threw her on her back. Without thinking for a long time, he abruptly entered and began an uniform translational movement back and forth. After some time, he changed his position and she was already on top, as a rider. Over time, all this bored them and they decided to resort to anal sex. To do this, they took a lubricant from the bedside table and gently began to develop its anus. Ass and hips rounded hole widened and she was completely ready for unconventional sex.

She stood with her back to the window and he saw how her lover pressed her against the wall and did not slowly go into the ass. Asian anal fucked while standing still not cum. Down on his back, he curled up to sleep